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Date:  2017-03-01 13:12:19
From:  arlene (
Subject:  lisa
Message:  im so sorry for your loss all these years and i listened to you on the radio todsy and you mentioned physics, well i know some are a lod off rubbish, but i would like you to try the one i go too and see if you can get clues from her, her name is kate mcdevitt physic medium newcastle co down, a reading is 25 pounds and she does your aura which means you stand in front of her and then sit down and she writes it all down on an a4 page for you to take home and she has worked along with police to find missing persons, she can give out names and she can also ask the dead if they want to give a message to the oerson in the room, i took kate carroll from tv whos husband was shot, and i took helen another friend and i have had my aura done too, and they were amazed that kate knew all their business and was able to give out all these names, and for me and kate carroll our partners came through and left us a message, so i think this is worth a try and i have her number, but her page should be on facebook or google it under kate physic medium newcastle co down. good luck. this is a genuine message
Date:  2017-02-28 17:02:30
From:  Jo McArthur
Subject:  Lisa
Message:  Yet another year passed,God Bless,LISA x
Date:  2017-02-06 19:56:59
From:  Tel
Subject:  Thinking of you
Message:  Thinking of you Lisa and your beautiful face.. xoxo
Date:  2016-12-31 13:05:24
From:  Mrs H
Subject:  Lisa x
Message:  Still thinking of you and hoping xx
Date:  2016-05-24 20:05:14
From:  MrsH (
Subject:  Still checking
Message:  I may not write on this thread but I do always think of Lisa and all the family and also check the news since I first heard about Lisa missing. One day I hope and pray that I can read that she has finally been found and laid to rest peacefully. Thinking of you all and sending great strength and love xxx
Date:  2016-02-28 09:34:23
From:  Jo McArthur
Subject:  Lisa
Message:  Yet another year passes...Thinking of your family today.God Bless Lisa xx
Date:  2016-02-21 19:42:13
From:  Gary c (
Subject:  My thoughts are still with you all
Message:  Just wanted to drop a quick word to say I'm still thinking of you all and I hope your family have news and closure soon. It's been a while since I spoke to Joanne as I went off fb for over a year. I hope 2016 ends your turmoil and Lisa can have the burial she deserves xxx
Date:  2016-02-17 22:25:57
From:  Karen Kelly (
Subject:  Martin Kelly Mum
Message:  Iam sorry I have not been in contact for a long time I only heard that your Mum Pat died Iam so so sorry My thoughts and prayers are with you all although I know its maybe hard to believe there is a god I wish you find Liza this time because as we know we just go back to day one all over again. Joanne it was you your Mum and your daddy I met first when you came to my home when my Marin went missing and then putting up Lizas seat I would love to meet you again even just to give you a hug I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would be sharing the same nightmare from which you never wake up from, All my dearest love and if you can we could meet up Iam still living in Holywood my phone no 90427455 Thinking of you and all the family x Karen and Drew
Date:  2016-02-17 02:22:21
From:  Kieran Maxwell (
Subject:  Hope for you all
Message:  I really do hope that the latest search helps to bring Lisa home as I really do think you have had enough misery. If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask
Date:  2016-02-15 21:50:03
From:  MrRipley3000 (
Subject:  Stay strong
Message:  Just a simple message of support for the family now the searches have commenced. I hope and pray this will bring some closure to the family.

Date:  2016-01-07 21:06:29
From:  Sylvia (
Subject:  Good luck
Message:  Still thinking of Lisa, and checking to see have you had any news. I wish that 2016 brings an end to your waiting. I have just signed a petition on and it reminded me of Lisa. The only difference is a man is jailed. The petition is to David Cameron to bring Helens Law, that anyone serving time for a murder must not get out until they reveal where they've hidden the victim. It's terrible after being jailed that they've no conscience to help. Sickening. Just hope this year all victims are found and can have a decent funeral. Stay strong. God bless xx
Date:  2015-12-30 13:21:00
From:  Laura (
Subject:  🙏
Message:  My thoughts and prays are with you and your family. Keep strong x
Date:  2015-12-22 06:35:30
From:  missnoners (
Subject:  i hope you find lisa
Message:  I pray you find your daughter and god hears you from above that you may at last have something to end your breaking heart, god bless xx
Date:  2015-07-20 17:36:23
From:  reenee (
Subject:  Never forget
Message:  I was the same age as Lisa and remember when I first say the appeals for her whereabouts in 2005. I was amazed that this beautiful looking girl may have came to a desperate fate and I had hoped for her safe return. Now ten years later I still frequently check the progress of this case and as I get older and the years pass I am more and more overcome with anguish that she never returned home. I know that there are so many stories going around over the ten years but it is hard to know exactly what happened. the only people who know that are the people who have yet not came forward. Many years have now passed and some of the people involved surely must have evolved to being in a better place and some must have this weighing heavily on their conscience. Some may even have children of their own and have moved away from those disturbed settings. If even no justice was ever served, it would be something at least for the Dorrian family to be able to place their daughter and sister at rest. It must be an agonising thing to lose a family member in such circumstances but it must be unbearable to not know what happened to Lisa. I always hope to hear the news that Lisa has been found and has been returned home. I will never forget this beautiful girl who went out one night and never came home. Back then I too was out at parties and enjoying life and also may have been too na´ve for my own good, but at least I got to come home
Date:  2015-07-07 14:36:05
From:  becci ( )
Subject:  Lisa Dorian
Message:  I saw the newspaper and I really hope they can find yo're daughter and I will always be praying and Lisa will always be in my thoughts.
Date:  2015-06-28 22:33:26
From:  Pc
Subject:  Keep strong
Message:  I really hope the news in the paper today allows you all to finally lay Lisa to rest. I pray that this is the news you have all been waiting for. It should have come to you all 10 years ago, but I hope justice can prevail now xx
Date:  2015-06-17 01:32:22
From:  Tel
Subject:  xx
Message:  Thinking of you Lisa.. xoxo
Date:  2015-05-10 10:45:26
From:  J. Malcolm Garcia (
Message:  Hello

I'm a freelance reporter based in the U.S. I sent an email last August to this address. As I mentioned then, I am writing stories on those who "disappeared" during the fighting in northern Ireland. In the process of researching the disappeared I came across stories of Lisa. I was very moved and would like to do my part in bringing attention to her situation and that of your family by writing a story about what happened to her while I'm in Belfast. That would mean doing face-to-face interviews with you, your family and other people who know your sister.

May I telephone a member of the family to introduce myself to you and answer any questions you may have of me and to see if we may get together when I travel? My website is J. Malcolm Garcia should you want to look at some of my work.

Thank you. I hope to hear from you.

All best,
J. Malcolm Garcia
Date:  2015-03-06 16:11:34
From:  joanne dorrian (
Subject:  thank you
Message:  Thanks for recent confidential message and yes we do need the name. feel free to email me on the above address or send confidential again. thank you xxx
Date:  2015-03-02 21:00:18
From:  Tel
Subject:  Lisa
Message:  Thinking of you Lisa, cannot believe it's been 10yrs - you'd love everything that's going on these days, no doubt you'd be tweetin' the bit out and have a million followers! Great memories with you Lisa - RIP xo
Date:  2015-02-28 08:27:23
From:  Jo McArthur
Subject:  Lisa
Message:  Thinking of you today Lisa, on this another anniversary...Let's pray your family get closure this year.God Bless xxx
Date:  2015-02-27 23:25:17
From:  Nicki (
Subject:  Praying 🙏
Message:  someone somewhere knows what happened to this girl, I pray they find it in their hearts to come forward! No bit of information is too small! Please it just takes 1 call 1 text or 1 email to end this families nightmare! God is good 🙏 the truth will come out 🌟👼🌟
Date:  2015-02-27 00:26:32
From:  Joanne Dorrian (Lisa's sister) (
Subject:  confidential message x 2
Message:  Thank you for 2 recent confidential messages could the person please contact me again. Or message and suggest how you would be comfortable talking to me. Thank you very much
Date:  2015-02-23 23:46:33
From:  Ashley
Subject:  Love to you all..
Message:  Bless you all. What a beautiful yet heartbreaking video. I hope & pray some day you'll have your big sister and first born daughter home with you all.
Date:  2014-11-20 20:53:36
From:  Sam (
Subject:  Sincerest condolences
Message:  My sincerest condolences to the Dorrian family and family friends for the loss of a daughter, sister, friend. I am a resident of London and I know that all these years later that such a loss in such tragic circumstances can still be felt profoundly no matter what! All I can say is I hope that you get a conclusive closure on this soon.

Sincerest regards.
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